What is audiovisual consulting?

The arrival of affordable digital tools (shooting or post-production) has resulted in the development of video for many companies. But what is sometimes missing is the overall vision to integrate these tools with a minimum of difficulties. With our audio visual service Melbournewe can help with our skills to incorporate the necessary external services into your internal resources.

Audiovisual workflow is about ensuring optimal image quality while having the lowest costs possible in post-production. It is also increasingly in demand. From the choice of the camera in coordination with the chief operator to the calibration, the consistency of the decisions made is a crucial element of the success of a production. Whether it’s finding the most appropriate tool or the audiovisual consultant who knows how to deliver the best, you need to identify before you consult.

1. Audio-visual integration

The meeting room remains the most used meeting and collaborative workplace in the company. And it is necessary to optimize the time spent in these meetings, to have all the tools to work in the right conditions. Who has never faced a connection problem? There are small points of detail, but which are unfortunately too often encountered, disrupting the meeting and the speakers. The consultant’s mission is to accompany you to optimize meeting spaces and meeting users. He brings simplification of the tools put in place.

2. Audit and consultation

To begin the mission with a preliminary on-site audit, it is essential to focus the study on the needs and technical constraints of the company. The working methodology of the consultant focuses on two fundamental and complementary elements, namely an audit mission and a consulting mission. One that cannot go without the other. Indeed, it is inseparable to be able to work on the existing or the identified needs, to bring potential business scenarios for the company. After the audit, comes the counseling phase. This phase incorporates the elements of the technical audit carried out, and the user needs to find technological solutions in response and adequacy with the company.

Key points for a consulting mission:

  • Prior meeting defining the perimeter.
  • Identification of existing solutions.
  • Functional needs.
  • Survey for users, including individual interviews and questionnaires.
  • Highlighting all the elements analyzed and studied.
  • Study of adapted solutions.
  • Verification of the conformity of the answers and tests carried out by consultants.
  • Validate the adequacy of the solutions and the associated constraints.
  • Comparative pricing analysis between different solutions.
  • Global consulting report and questions/answers

3. Audit and audiovisual advice and video conferencing

Technology must grow according to the company. The company must not increase according to the techniques. The best consultant is the one who brings a real reflection in your company on potential solutions, so as not to leave room for uncertainty. He should know the market, the builders and have visibility on the trends of tomorrow. Because he must meet today’s expectations, his job is also to support you in the future of communications solutions and according to the evolution of your company. It is, therefore, necessary to integrate its video conferencing tool and its meeting room today in anticipation of the solutions of tomorrow.

4. Videoconferencing solutions for the company and audiovisual advice and video conferencing

Avid users of audio/video conferencing in the professional world, use technologies in their capacity. They, therefore, expect to have audio/video conferencing solutions at least as simple and with complementary functionalities. Functions dedicated to the business world: integration calendar, management of invitation to connect, ability to broadcast a message in the webinar, meetings to several, etc. For the IT department, it will, therefore, be the choice of the solution to implement or to evolve if video conferencing products already exist. Solution On-premise or Cloud? Hybrid solution? The best consultant will provide you with an enlightened vision of the different technologies and solutions.

The overall mission is to have internal resources capable of understanding the needs and expectations of customers regarding unified communication and audiovisual. Audio visual service in Melbourne is specialist consultants in their fields, with technical teams able to carry out complete deployments.

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