The last moment demands by the clients, malfunctioning of electronic systems, vendors not fulfilling the commitments and everything in between make the event and wedding plans a daunting task. The planner and the team are always in search of event planner essentials which can reduce their work hassles

Mobile applications can play a vital role in hunting for vendors, services and required products for planners. Some apps also provide significant aid for management responsibilities. Here are a few great applications that are a must-have for event and wedding planners.


Asana is developed by Facebook co-founder and engineer Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein to harmonize the management tasks. It allows the user to effectively work as a team and help them organize their work schedule

Team collaboration is very necessary for event management because all the tasks are interconnected. With Asana you can create projects, allocate tasks to your teammates, lay down deadlines, and communicate with the team directly.

The reporting tool assists planners in monitoring the tasks done by the team. File attachment and calendar are also helpful tools to discuss and plan the tasks with your team. You can even manage long guest lists, and vendors list easily through this application.


In case your client or their guests are not comfortable in the hotels you have pre-booked for them what will you do at the last moment?

HotelTonight application is the answer to all such worries of event planners. You can easily hunt the unsold rooms at various hotels in town. The prices offered are on an average 17% less than any other application or travel-booking website.

Without spending extra bucks, you can find a suitable hotel for your clients and their guests right on the spot. This application is ideal for Online party planners.


Marketing tools and ideas are required for concerts, marketing events, charity funding events and launching of new products. Bizzabo can be your most worthy event planner essential as it helps in marketing the event for your clients.

The application is suitable for large-sized event planning businesses. The application is designed to support everything from streamlining task completion to efficient team collaboration. The software linked with the app provides a conventional and easy way of building a website for event promotion. You can also use it for online registration for event or services, marketing emails, agendas development for event management.

Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect application is ideal for party event planners and business event planners. Customers can avail Best Audio Visual Services in Melbourne through the app that connects them with a variety of event planning companies and businesses.

This application works for formal events that require conveying specs on LED screens. It features 100+ different screens from leading companies and endless menu options.

You can manage any AV Production service through this application through measuring LED walls for concerts and corporate events. You can also cater to the requirement of orientation manipulation and max wattage determination through application while delivering Audio Visual Service in your events.

Hopefully, these apps will help you organize a well-managed event and earn happy clients.

What is audiovisual consulting?

The arrival of affordable digital tools (shooting or post-production) has resulted in the development of video for many companies. But what is sometimes missing is the overall vision to integrate these tools with a minimum of difficulties. With our audio visual service Melbournewe can help with our skills to incorporate the necessary external services into your internal resources.

Audiovisual workflow is about ensuring optimal image quality while having the lowest costs possible in post-production. It is also increasingly in demand. From the choice of the camera in coordination with the chief operator to the calibration, the consistency of the decisions made is a crucial element of the success of a production. Whether it’s finding the most appropriate tool or the audiovisual consultant who knows how to deliver the best, you need to identify before you consult.

1. Audio-visual integration

The meeting room remains the most used meeting and collaborative workplace in the company. And it is necessary to optimize the time spent in these meetings, to have all the tools to work in the right conditions. Who has never faced a connection problem? There are small points of detail, but which are unfortunately too often encountered, disrupting the meeting and the speakers. The consultant’s mission is to accompany you to optimize meeting spaces and meeting users. He brings simplification of the tools put in place.

2. Audit and consultation

To begin the mission with a preliminary on-site audit, it is essential to focus the study on the needs and technical constraints of the company. The working methodology of the consultant focuses on two fundamental and complementary elements, namely an audit mission and a consulting mission. One that cannot go without the other. Indeed, it is inseparable to be able to work on the existing or the identified needs, to bring potential business scenarios for the company. After the audit, comes the counseling phase. This phase incorporates the elements of the technical audit carried out, and the user needs to find technological solutions in response and adequacy with the company.

Key points for a consulting mission:

  • Prior meeting defining the perimeter.
  • Identification of existing solutions.
  • Functional needs.
  • Survey for users, including individual interviews and questionnaires.
  • Highlighting all the elements analyzed and studied.
  • Study of adapted solutions.
  • Verification of the conformity of the answers and tests carried out by consultants.
  • Validate the adequacy of the solutions and the associated constraints.
  • Comparative pricing analysis between different solutions.
  • Global consulting report and questions/answers

3. Audit and audiovisual advice and video conferencing

Technology must grow according to the company. The company must not increase according to the techniques. The best consultant is the one who brings a real reflection in your company on potential solutions, so as not to leave room for uncertainty. He should know the market, the builders and have visibility on the trends of tomorrow. Because he must meet today’s expectations, his job is also to support you in the future of communications solutions and according to the evolution of your company. It is, therefore, necessary to integrate its video conferencing tool and its meeting room today in anticipation of the solutions of tomorrow.

4. Videoconferencing solutions for the company and audiovisual advice and video conferencing

Avid users of audio/video conferencing in the professional world, use technologies in their capacity. They, therefore, expect to have audio/video conferencing solutions at least as simple and with complementary functionalities. Functions dedicated to the business world: integration calendar, management of invitation to connect, ability to broadcast a message in the webinar, meetings to several, etc. For the IT department, it will, therefore, be the choice of the solution to implement or to evolve if video conferencing products already exist. Solution On-premise or Cloud? Hybrid solution? The best consultant will provide you with an enlightened vision of the different technologies and solutions.

The overall mission is to have internal resources capable of understanding the needs and expectations of customers regarding unified communication and audiovisual. Audio visual service in Melbourne is specialist consultants in their fields, with technical teams able to carry out complete deployments.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects for any event. Great lighting can mean the difference between a stellar, memorable event and a lackluster one. At Events 360, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer real, helpful insight on your lighting decisions while providing you with the best equipment for your business. Here are 5 ways in which our lighting hire serves go above and beyond the call of duty, ensuring that you get the best service the industry has to offer;

We Start with an Initial Consultation

Most lighting hire companies will go through the basics – walk you through the different options that are available, give you a brief overview of what you should choose, and then try to close the sale. We aren’t like that. We want to make sure that you not only love our lighting options, but love our services enough to recommend to your friends and associates!

We always start with an initial consultation. We’ll learn about your event, get to know the ins and outs of the venue that you will be using for your event, and help you to find the perfect lights for your situation.

We Know Lighting

Events 360 is an event planning company, but we know that our lighting experts are some of our biggest assets! We know how to get the most out of your venue with proper lighting. From the moment that you contact us we will walk you through the process of finding the right lighting for your event. We ensure that your lighting provides your audience with the proper mood and the venue provides an environment that is consistent with your needs.

There is a huge difference in the lighting needs between a magic show and a rock concert. With our huge selection of top notch lighting equipment and highly trained industry experts – you can be sure that your event will be the event you’ve been hoping for!

We Have the Best Equipment in the Industry

Our lighting equipment is our bread and butter. Whether we are helping you run a convention, making sure that your next business meeting is extremely memorable, or helping you to get the right atmosphere at a loved one’s birthday party – we have invested heavily in equipment that will provide beautiful lighting in any situation.

When you choose our lighting hire services, you always know that you are getting the best equipment. Give us a call today and we can help you put a lighting plan together for your event or business, and ensure that you receive our premium services.

The significance of appropriate AV in determining the success of a corporate event cannot be disregarded. The quality and level of AV distinguishes a humdrum corporate presentation from a real experience that delivers an unforgettable key message. Considering the avenues available in this digital age, the opportunities are endless.

Thanks to recession, the competition between businesses is ever-rising. Every company aims to differentiate itself from the rest to obtain a top spot in the minds of their valuable stakeholders. One of the best means of achieving this spot is delivering an ace corporate event. The right AV equipment, skills and expertise can add life and zeal to a dull presentation while keeping the audience’s attention intact.

However, mediocre and inexperienced event management companies commit the following mistakes when providing audio visual solutions

Designing 4:3 Content with 16:9 AV Equipment

This is the biggest blunder that event-planning companies can commit due to inefficiencies or inexperience. The result of this mistake is wide black bars, also called ‘letterboxing’ that appears on the left and right side of the slide. Not only does it look unprofessional, but also reduces the impact of the message intended to be delivered. Make sure that your presentations are appropriately formatted and your event planning company hires AV equipment accordingly.

Counting Number Of Audio Inputs Incorrectly

It may be hard to believe but many event planning companies commit this petty yet crucial mistake of counting the wrong number of audio inputs. The sound mixer boards at the event have limited number of sources, leaving minimal number of audio inputs to be accommodated. To avoid slip-ups at the last moment, event planners must make sure that they appropriately count audio inputs. As a tip, count the number of microphones (wire and wireless), computer audio, video playback and audience’s mic so that that the right size of board is ordered.

Ignoring the ‘Rigging Points’ Charges

Rigging points refer to the places in the ceilings where lights, sounds and projectors can be hung from the top. You can be charged more for rigging points. Failing to pre-determine such charges and allocating them within the budget is a critical mistake that event planners commit. The number of rigging points needed and their charges must be determined beforehand so that budgets don’t exceed at the last moment.

For holding the best audio visual event and ordering the finest audio visual equipment, hire Event 360. We have the best audio engineers and technicians in place so that your event can turn out to be a huge success. Our dedicated team of technicians are equipped with the latest AV tools and techniques, ensuring nothing but successful events. Make sure you hire Event 360 for all your events, weddings and concerts in Australia. To read more about our audio visual production