The significance of appropriate AV in determining the success of a corporate event cannot be disregarded. The quality and level of AV distinguishes a humdrum corporate presentation from a real experience that delivers an unforgettable key message. Considering the avenues available in this digital age, the opportunities are endless.

Thanks to recession, the competition between businesses is ever-rising. Every company aims to differentiate itself from the rest to obtain a top spot in the minds of their valuable stakeholders. One of the best means of achieving this spot is delivering an ace corporate event. The right AV equipment, skills and expertise can add life and zeal to a dull presentation while keeping the audience’s attention intact.

However, mediocre and inexperienced event management companies commit the following mistakes when providing audio visual solutions

Designing 4:3 Content with 16:9 AV Equipment

This is the biggest blunder that event-planning companies can commit due to inefficiencies or inexperience. The result of this mistake is wide black bars, also called ‘letterboxing’ that appears on the left and right side of the slide. Not only does it look unprofessional, but also reduces the impact of the message intended to be delivered. Make sure that your presentations are appropriately formatted and your event planning company hires AV equipment accordingly.

Counting Number Of Audio Inputs Incorrectly

It may be hard to believe but many event planning companies commit this petty yet crucial mistake of counting the wrong number of audio inputs. The sound mixer boards at the event have limited number of sources, leaving minimal number of audio inputs to be accommodated. To avoid slip-ups at the last moment, event planners must make sure that they appropriately count audio inputs. As a tip, count the number of microphones (wire and wireless), computer audio, video playback and audience’s mic so that that the right size of board is ordered.

Ignoring the ‘Rigging Points’ Charges

Rigging points refer to the places in the ceilings where lights, sounds and projectors can be hung from the top. You can be charged more for rigging points. Failing to pre-determine such charges and allocating them within the budget is a critical mistake that event planners commit. The number of rigging points needed and their charges must be determined beforehand so that budgets don’t exceed at the last moment.

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